DoctHERs - Connecting Women - Improving Health - Transforming Lives

Where: Pakistan

Since when: 2015

The target: Fragile, underserved communities including communities at risk of forced displacement due to social and economic factors and climate-change

The Problem

Imagine thousands of professionally trained female doctors whose careers have been derailed due to socio-cultural constraints. Now imagine millions of underserved people (including migrant workers and high-risk communities who face being displaced) who are stuck in medical and economic crises and are unable to access quality, affordable and timely care.

The Solution

DoctHERs tackles two market failures: The exclusion of women from the workforce due to socio-cultural barriers and access to quality, just-in-time healthcare for fragile, underserved communities via mobile and tele-medicine technology.

The Product

DoctHERs gives women voice, choice and agency through the innovative use of technology - creating a more agile, gender-inclusive workforce.

DoctHERs uses a digital health platform that matches the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who otherwise would be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet need of health communities via nurse-assisted technology.

We recruit, equip and train female frontline workers such as nurses, midwives, lady health workers (including women from migrant and refugee communities) and deploy them in factories, corporate offices, clinics, ambulances and rural communities. These trusted intermediaries can perform sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures through AI enabled telemedicine in real-time under the clinical supervision of remotely located female doctors.

The impact on the life of refugees

By training females from within at-risk communities (those facing displacement due to social, environmental and economic factors) we not only enable sustainable livelihoods they also become the primary frontline health resource for their communities.

In providing access to healthcare and employment and entrepreneurship opportunities we are lifting not only females but entire families and communities in the following ways:

•Safer and Healthier Pregnancies resulting in fewer mother and child mortality rates

•Economic and Educational opportunities for females which result in delayed marriage for girls

•Preventive Health, Disease Management and Wellbeing for Communities

Our Team

From Corporate Escape Artists to a Surgeon-turned- Social Entrepreneur, A Gender Specialist to Online Gaming Experts, Medical Professionals to Creative Hermits, A Certified Diver to Zumba and Fitness Fanatics, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, Netflix and Selfie Addicts, Ambidextrous, Left-Handed and Right Brained Foodies and a Hedgehog- we have it all.

Our Results

Since 2015, doctHERs has impacted over 300,000 lives including over 22,000 migrant workers connected to corporate value chains. doctHERs has successfully treated over 500 beneficiaries affected by Hepatitis and coordinated the safe delivery of over 600 babies.

Some awards include:

Accenture HealthCare Access Innovation Champions, MIT Solve Winners, Unicef Global Goals Campaigner Award, UN Sustainable Solutions Winner, World Health Summit Start-Up Track Winner, McKinsey Geneva Health Forum Award, MIT Inclusive Innovation Competition Winners, Unilever-Transform Award Winner.

Our future goals, thanks to your donations

In the ‘Muhinjo Sohna Thar’ (‘My Beautiful Thar’) project, doctHERs will recruit and capacitate 16 female frontline health workers (FFHWs) from a community of 1.7 million indigenous people who are at risk of being forcibly displaced from Tharparkar (Sind) due to climate change induced drought.

The 16 FFHWs will be trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) and administration of vaccines to adults and children residing in a cluster of 16 villages (total 20,000 people) between Nagarparkar and Islamkot. Vaccinations will also be administered to 20,000 small animal livestock (goats and sheep) who we plan to acquire as a primary source of income generation for these smallholder farmers.

We are raising $2.5 million to promote the resilience of the Thari indigenous people. Through these funds, we would like to expand their income-generating capacity through the microcredit-financing of 20,000 small animals bundled with livestock insurance, health insurance and life insurance.

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