WeatherTec AG is a specialised company in the rain enhancement technology. WeatherTec serves drought-ridden regions of the world by harnessing freshwater from the atmosphere improving living conditions for millions of people by giving them food & water security and through the regeneration of nature in the area.

Where: Switzerland

Since when: 2004

The target: Additional Water by Rain enhancement.

The Problem

Water is the driving force of all nature. Water crisis, due to climate change, endangers the life of a billion people and challenges food security for two billion. All existing technologies aren’t able to provide enough water for the exploding world’s population: groundwater is limited, desalination at coastal regions is too expensive being extremely energy consuming, and cloud seeding is efficient just in a few geographical regions. Water crises is a push factor for forced displacement. Forty million people had to leave their homeland recently, but in 2040 it might be a billion. Nearly all countries will be affected by displacement, including the northern hemisphere.

The Solution

The solution is to harvest more water out of the humid ambient air above us. We found the way to achieve it by means of ionization - inventing and developing the environmentally friendly WeatherTec technology. The technology was tested successfully on three continents over the last fifteen years. If implemented properly, it can provide water and food security to a billion people, enable job creation and mitigate forced migration.Rainfalls can be arranged in volume and time over areas of 10.000+ km2, contributing rainwater in millions of m3. It will, provide a safer homeland, prevent poverty and mitigate forced migration.

Our Product

The WeatherTec technology is a rainfall enhancement technology, enabling to add large volumes of rainwater by Ionization of the local atmosphere, influencing the growth of raindrops in clouds above. It is mimicking the sun’s natural process to generate rain by our ground-based systems. It is environmentally friendly, solar powered with zero CO2, supported by Big Data and Digital 4.0. The WeatherTec technology is implemented and observed 24/7 from the WeatherTec Command and Control Centers, which are located in Europe as well as in the respected region of operation , using data from own Rain radar, meteorological drones and data centers. The technology was presented in 2018 on the World Economic Forum as benchmark innovation.

Our impact on the lives of refugees

Mitigation of forced migration yet at the “home base”, - is the main impact of the rain enhancement technology: sufficient water is a guarantee for food security and job creation in the water-stressed countries. As a consequence, much fewer people have to leave their homelands. Increasing rainfalls to gain additional water in countries already hosting refugees, can help them to start their own food production. WeatherTec already supports it in Jordan by covering 10.000 km2, including the refugee camps and farming projects for refugees. The WFN Water-Food-Nature Impact Fund will bring entrepreneurial engagements in many sectors to improve the whole ecosystems in the homelands as well in the refugee areas.

Our Team

WeatherTec AG is a Swiss-German high-tech environmental company, which has been applying its invented technology since 2004 on three continents, working for governments only. Founder and CEO Dr. Helmut Fluhrer and Co-Founder and CTO Elena Davydova are heading experts from meteorology, climatology, atmospheric and space science, engineers and IT experts. Advisory Board members are Prof. Peter Wilderer, Prof. Jörg Imberger, both Stockholm Water Prize Laureate (so called “Water Noble Prize”); Prof Mangstl, former Director FAO.

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer, Founder and CEO Dr. Helmut Fluhrer

Elena Davydova, CTO

Matt Sawaqed – CEO Al Qudra, Jordan,  Vice President Business Development

Ms. Indira Dahabi - Vice President Academy for Water and Climate Security

Riyad Mubarak - Senior Meteorologist

Thomas Reiter - Director Information Technology

Our Results

Jordan’s National Meteorological Department testified that WeatherTec has broken and reversed the negative 30- year trend of declining precipitation. This is an exceptional achievement in proving that this technology can “Change Climate Change” in the driest countries of the world. People can stay in their homeland and they aren’t forced to migrate.
Weathertec also delivered nearly a billion m3 of rain water in Australia in a six weeks project, after three consequent years without any rainfall there.
Next to rain enhancement in volumes of hundreds of Millions of m3 the technology can create intensive cloud coverage. This mitigates temperatures by 5+ degrees Celsius, helping humans and nature to survive hot periods. More rainfalls over a longer season increases the soil humidity, which prevents wildfires strongly. In deforested areas additional rainfalls allow again the growth of trees over 10.000 km2, increasing the CO2 consumption efficiently.

Our future goals, thanks to your donations.

WeatherTec would like to expand the benefits of its rain enhancement technology to as many water-stressed countries as possible. The LSC donation will support to launch the WFN Impact Fund (WFN: Water-Food-Nature), which will be responsible for coordinating and financing socio-economic activities in chosen water-stressed countries help by WeatherTec's rain enhancement technology. The donation will set up the organization behind the already designed structure. WFN assists governments in identifying their local social, environmental and economic challenges and then negotiates a public-private-development-plan with these governments to solve the problems through socio-economic entrepreneurial activities on the back of freshwater enhancement activities. The WFN Impact Fund is a regulated investment fund in Luxembourg and will serve as a funding vehicle that promotes collaboration between Capital Market, Governments, NGOs, Impact as well as Faith Consistent Investors in financing solutions where it matters most. This innovative model is an additional supportive way next to foreign aid.

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