HoME, By Singa & Simplon

HoME, by SINGA&Simplon
Since when:
7 years
The target:
Newcomers and locals

The Problem

Humans are not free to move in the world, especially when facing persecution or disasters. In the meantime, host societies are implementing binarious agenda: either they close their borders, or they address the challenge through humanitarian support, without taking into account the economical and cultural potential of welcoming refugees.
2 figures illustrate the needs:
1) In France, only 12% of the refugee’s people know people from the local population (UNHCR, 2013) => isolation.
2) 30% of French people wish to do more to welcome people (and even 9% within their own home - MiC, 2017). They lack of structures to make it happen.
Existing narrative does not highlight the potential that migrants bring to host societies and the economic and social opportunities offered by designing experiences that would match newcomers with locals.

The Solution

HoME aims at going beyond this agenda of migrants’ urgent and immediate needs: to create a new paradigm where host societies create a common “US”, by creating solutions, not for, but with newcomers : building a more inclusive society by using innovation triggered by migration. HoME will create and label spaces where refugees will find the tools to unlock their potential to innovate and collaborate with host societies.
HoME spaces are hubs that train, support and gather refugees through entrepreneurial support, digital skills, and job opportunities. Our services propose immersive experiences not only for refugees but also for anyone willing to innovate through migration. Through an entrepreneurial support, from ideation to scaling, investment opportunities, digital trainings and networking events, HoME is a brand of social inclusion through sustainable economic growth.
The result of over two years working together - on the Refugeek programme - has shown that social impact is greatly increased for migrants who use both Simplon’s and Singa’s spaces and free services. Our project aims to leverage this effect, in common spaces to foster engagement, exchanges, innovation for both migrants and locals.

The Product

We offer spaces to foster innovation.
The project joins SINGA and Simplon’s skills and experience in order to strengthen, create and label co-working and welcoming spaces, offering inclusive solutions for migration challenges through the use of collective intelligence, entrepreneurship and ICT.
HoME will gather spaces for training and empowering both newcomers and locals, using digital tools, connecting stakeholders and leaders, and accelerating projects created by both to strengthen cohesion. This project will unite existing and new spaces under a new label (HoME spaces).

HoMEs will provide:
1)Co-working: Hubs connecting newcomers and locals through an intensive program of events (shows, hackathons, meetups, design sprints…) and offices at low prices for them to collaborate
2)Support for entrepreneurs (newcomers and local developing business turning migration into innovation). The entrepreneurial journey has a capacity of 100 per HoME space, with an ideation phase to support entrepreneurs with prototyping their ideas and making them become projects, a 6 month incubation with intensive training and mentoring and an acceleration phase for entrepreneurs willing to scale their impact and organization in full immersion.
3)Short term digital trainings: short-term intensive digital training to migrants and locals, working with local companies to offer jobs to our trainees :
4)Intensive digital trainings: agile methods training sessions, reverse mentoring, digital acculturation courses, pathways to longer term web development courses such as Simplon’s Refugeeks programme.
5)Networking solutions for innovators contributing to “an asylum economy”, events and support for innovative solutions, with access to investments with HoME’s partners

The impact on the life of refugees and locals

We believe that, the impact on refugees’ lives can only be measured if we also care about the impact on the host society : Singa&Simplon won’t sustainably make the life of refugees better if we don’t contribute to change the narrative around migration.
Since 2016, SINGA has worked in France with more than 120 entrepreneurs of which 75% are refugees, through incubation & support. Singa designed an open source model to disseminate its methods (Berlin, Zurich, Milan), with an 80% average of business creation after the incubation. After two years and more that 350 jobs created, the overall income reaches 2.5M euros in 2018.
Since 2016, 65 refugees from 23 nationalities have followed Simplon coding courses, with a 71% insertion rate (job or further education) 6 months after the end of the course.
Home’s KPI will be based on direct quantitative numbers of participants to each programme, and the indirect qualitative impact on stakeholders. HoME must contribute to changing the narrative about migration in all societies.

Our Team

The HoME project is developed by two organisations, SINGA and Simplon.co.

From Singa:
Alice Barbe
, co-founder
Guillaume Capelle
, co-founder
Roohollah Shahsavar
, SINGA’s France President
David Robert

From Simplon:
Frédéric Bardeau
, President
François Durollet
, Director General
Theo Biddulph
, Refugees Project Manager
Armonia Pierantozzi
International Development Officer

Our Results

Initially launched 2012 in Paris, the movement exists today in more than 20 european cities involving a hundred of staff and 25 000 members. SINGA developed hosting programs (CALM) in 4 cities gathering more than 2000 locals and 650 newcomers. Singa built 5 incubators in Europe, a co-working space in Paris (KIWANDA) and a global matching platform (Buddy program) also promoting more than 1000 cultural and sport events a year. According to the social impact study powered by the (Im)prove agency, Singa spared the state more than 3,3M€ thanks to the CALM program. SINGA has been awarded by several prizes from Ashoka, Forbes, Obama Foundation, UNAOC, Paris City Hall and the French Government.

As of 2018, Simplon has a network of 50 social digital factories and has trained over 2600 students in ICT courses. In 2016, Simplon and Singa launched the Refugeeks project, offering free web development courses and labour market integration to refugees. 70 refugees have followed our courses, with 71% finding jobs after training. In 2019, Simplon will train 25 refugees in long-term courses, open a bootcamp for refugees in the Zaatari Camp in Jordan with Chams and the UNHCR, and train 60 new comers under a French State contract. Simplon is a proud member of the Ashoka network and laureate of “La France S’engage” foundation.

Our Future Goals thanks to your donations

We want to design the HoME charter and spread a global curriculum for all places wanting to develop an inclusive approach in co-working, incubation and digital support.
Thanks to your donations, SINGA&Simplon will:
- Launch 4 HoME spaces in Paris and Lyon
- Support 150 entrepreneurs (refugees and locals) per year,
- Train 100 refugees to gain digital expertise and skills
- Deliver longt-term ICT courses in every HoME space to 100 people, and short-term digital training (40 people every session), with 1 to 4 sessions a year.
- Open a HoME space led by SINGA & Simplon in 10 new european cities in the next 2 years
- Labellize existing places like “HoMEs” all over the world, and develop a portfolio of SINGA & Simplon tools
- Implement an investment process to connect entrepreneurs with investors
- Build a community of 1000 membres around every HoME space, among which 100 are directly supported in their entrepreneurial project.

More about us... www.simplon.co  / www.singafrance.com