BanQu - Dignity Through Identity

Where: United States (USA) 

Since when: 2016

The target:  The “Unbanked”. As the world’s first and only non-cryptocurrency blockchain platform—we help lift people out of extreme poverty by connecting them to the global supply chains they participate in and the brands, organizations, and governments that power them.

The Problem

Nearly 2.7 billion people worldwide do not have access to credit and services by banks or other formal financial institutions due to lack of an Economic Identity.
Lacking a credit history or verifiable Economic Identity, these “unbanked/underbanked” individuals (mostly refugees, the displaced, and the world’s poorest) are excluded from the global economy. As a result, the poor & the disenfranchised stay poor & disenfranchised, while billions of dollars of aid continues to flow to conflict zones, areas struck by natural disaster, & regions of extreme poverty, with no solution in sight…until now.

The Solution

Through the implementation of BanQu’s cutting-edge blockchain platform, we provide benefits to the businesses, organizations, and governments that interact with the world’s poorest on a daily basis. Each of these interactions are captured through a secure, immutable, and distributed ledger of financial and personal records using blockchain technology—in turn building the Economic Identities necessary to connect the “unbanked / underbanked” to the global economy, thus helping to lift them out of poverty.

The Product

BanQu has developed the first-ever blockchain Economic Identity technology solution where refugees/displaced & the world’s poorest can maintain a free, secure online profile that allows them to begin tracking their relationships & transactions. Over time, they build a recognizable, vetted economic identity, which is the prerequisite to participating in any form of ownership or transactions in the global economy. BanQu users own their personal data and decide what information to share & with whom. Providing people with control of their own Economic Identity creates Dignity Through Identity™.

The Impact on Refugees Lives

The BanQu platform enables a secured economic passport accessible from any mobile device, including SMS, in any language, so refugees and the displaced have proof of their critical life event documents and transactions at all times, anywhere. This proof of identity is both portable and immutable, providing a sustainable solution to maintain their certified documents, including education, health, work and other critical information on the blockchain, which can never be tampered with or stolen. BanQu also empowers refugees to own and share their data in a secured way to gain access to employment, education and financial resources. BanQu measures impact directly at the ecosystem level - i.e. – through the services of BanQu users gain access to work, the ability to repatriate and the ability to prove their existence beyond just a number in a system.

The Team

Ashish Gadnis, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LinkedIn

Hamse Warfa, Founder & EVP of Business Development, LinkedIn

Jeff Keiser, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, LinkedIn

Bill Haaland, EVP, Business Development, LinkedIn

Stanislav Natalenko
Stanislav Natalenko

Stanislav Natalenko, Chief Technology Officer & VP Engineering, LinkedIn

BanQu is a groundbreaking for-profit/for-purpose blockchain-as-a-service software company solving the toughest global problem – Extreme Poverty. As the world’s first and only non-cryptocurrency blockchain platform—we help lift people out of extreme poverty by connecting them to the global supply chains they participate in and the brands, organizations, and governments that power them.

Our Results

Since 2016, BanQu has enabled over 10,000 refugees and the displaced to rebuild their lives and re-enter the world’s economy with dignity and respect. Whether it be for the refugee or the displaced, mother farmer, child laborer or the homeless, BanQu ensures Dignity Through Identity™ by empowering the last mile to own, access, permission and monetize their personal data. 
The localized impact of social mobility generates income growth for individuals and communities, creates stable markets and facilitates the growth and expansion of economies. Since its founding, BanQu has further impacted 125,000 last mile individuals through the global economy. Our mission is to lift 100 Million people out of extreme poverty by 2028.

Our Future Goals, thanks to your donations 

BanQu’s goal is to amplify its mission of helping lift 100 Million out of extreme poverty over the next ten years. With the LITA campaign funds, we aim to strategically grow the company to global scale, including the addition of ten new offices worldwide, thereby securing new and enhanced supply-chain partnerships with brands, organizations, and governments that work directly with the disenfranchised at the world’s last mile.
With the generosity of funds donated by impact investors, BanQu will be able to track and document real-time success stories across each continent and use case. Some examples of real-time impact include equipping 10,000 Rohingya refugees with education certifications, 15,000 Yemen refugee children with confirmed healthcare documents, and 20,000 Syrian refugees formally participating in the global workforce through the BanQu platform.

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